Earthing System Evaluation Norochcholai Coal Power Plant

Assignment : Earthing System Evaluation of Lakvijaya Coal Power Station, Sri Lanka
Client : China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)
Project Period : October 2017

Amithi Power Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the earthing mesh of
outdoor switchyard area between 220 kV terminal towers and GIS building of Lakvijaya Power Station,

The goal of the evaluation process is to verify whether the existing earthing mesh is capable of assuring
safety inside the switchyard as per the standard of IEEE 80 : 2000. Under the concurrence of Lakvijaya
Power Station, a testing and evaluation methodology was developed with the available data and
conducted the test.

Key Highlights of the project

  • Development of Test Methodology
  • Soil Resistivity Measurements
  • Measurement of Ground Grid Resistance
  • Measurement of Step & Touch Voltages
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