Testing & Commissioning

We conduct testing of all Low Voltage & High Voltage systems. 

May it be commissioning of a new installation or preventive maintenance routine tests or troubleshooting to diagnose specific issues.

Relay characteristics are tested against specified tripping curves (ex: IEC 60255) with APCL professional test instrument “Megger Sverker 900”.

Common Relay Types : Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power

LV Relays : ELR, EFR, PFR etc

HV Relays : Overcurrent, Earth Fault,  Over/under frequency, Differential Protection, Distance Protection, Neutral Voltage Displacement (NVD), Vector shift, ROCOF

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Calibration of Energy Meters (Electro-mechanical or Digital) will ensure correct performances and errors which account for reducing unnecessary financial losses and retrieving correct data for Energy Management Plans at facilities

Conducting Primary Injections testing of Circuit Breakers, Auto-Reclosers and all other over-current protective devices up to 3000 A. Ensures tripping performance, safeguarding your facility against catastrophic overcurrent origined failures.

Insulation Resistance is measured in Low Voltage Installation (< 1 kV) and High Voltage Installations (> 1 kV) to assure the dedicated minimum insulation established prior to energizing.
Recommended test for periodic installation evaluation.

Applications : Motors, Generators, Cable, Switchgear, Transformer etc

Earthing systems are checked for individual & mesh earth-electrode resistance as per IEEE 81.

We test Electrical Resistivity of Soil using 4 Terminal Earth Tester.
The measurements are crucial for designing Earthing Systems for Generating Stations, Wind Power Plants, LV/MV Installations, Substations & Lightning Protection Systems where the designs shall meet maximum Earth Electrode Resistances or Touch Voltage limits as per IEEE.

We strategically measure Soil Resistivity values orienting design goals and provide soil model reports for aforementioned requirements.

We conduct comprehensive Electrical Data Logging, Power Quality Analysis & Harmonic Analysis for industrial installations and Solar PV installations.

The detailed analysis report will be elemental for certifying system compliance & to troubleshoot system failures.

Logging parameters:

Voltage, Current, Frequency, Demand (kVA), Energy, Harmonics (up to 50th harmonic, THD, TDD) , Events (Swell. Dips, Interruptions, Transient Overvoltage Impulse, Inrush Currents)

Infrared thermography surveys conducted by APCL’s consultants & engineers will inspect Electrical & Mechanical systems for anomalies.

The detailed systematic report with recommendations will aid you to understand the hidden issues and corrective measures to be taken.

We introduced thermography for Electrical Consultancy in 2010 helping Sri Lankan & overseas industries to run safely.

Our experience in Electrical Design & Testing have contributed remarkably to conduct Thermal Imaging / Thermography more technically. 

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Earth Fault Loop Impedance measurements are crucial for identifying compliance of a TT system’s Earth Fault protection as per BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulation).

It is also considered as a parameter to map the Protective conductor distribution and protection settings during system commissioning or troubleshooting.

Residual Current Devices (RCD) which are the elemental component of fault protection in Low Voltage Systems shall be checked for their specified operation prior to commercial operation and periodic auditing. 

We test RCCBs & RCBOs with commercial test instrument and provide recommendations based on tripping time characteristics and statistical nature.

High Voltage Withstand Test (or Pressure Testing) is conducted for both Low Voltage and High Voltage Installations.

We carry out tests up to 100 kV as per IEC test methodologies for different specimen types (Cables, Transformers, Bus bars, Switchgear etc).

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Ensuring safety of Electrical Appliances for users, we test Class I, Class II Appliances & Extension leads (cords) using professional PAT tester.

Upon testing, we demarcate their safety with a printed label.

Reports for bulk amount of appliances can be arranged.

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