Discover the research projects of APCL employees as well as outside engineers supervised by Eng. D. G. Rienzie Fernando (Managing Director).

  1.  Analysis of surface flash over of 33 kV insulator due to saline pollution [2010]
    by Janaka, N.H.C | Prof. J.R Lucas [supervisor] | Eng. Rienzie Fernando [supervisor].

  2. A Conceptual design for a tower type concentrating solar power plant near Hambantota [2010]
    by Wijayawardhana N.A.B.R | Eng. WDAS Wijayapala ; Eng. DG Rienzie Fernando [supervisor].

  3. Neutral current mitigation in low voltage installations [2010]
    by Ameer, M.I.S | Eng. Rienzie Fernando [supervisor] | Eng. Upuli Jayatunga [supervisor].

  4. Probabilistic approach to fix the overhead line power transfer limits, with effective wind cooling [2010]
    by Kumara, D.M.J.R | Eng. W.D.A.S. Wijayapala [supervisor] | Eng. D.G. Rienzie Fernando [supervisor].

  5. Development of a generalized methodology for blackout restoration : a case study of Sri Lankan power system [2018]
    by Sirisena, Katugampalage Laksith Uchitha | Dr. W.D. Prasad [supervisor] | Eng. Rienzie Fernando [supervisor].

  6. Study of the settings of over speed protection for enhancing frequency stability : a case study for Lakvijaya power station [2019]
    By: Lakmewan, Karunanayakage Janaka | Dr. W.D. Prasad [supervisor] | Eng. Rienzie Fernando

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