220 kV Interconnection Transmission Line Design for LNG Power Plant, Hambantota

In 2020, Amithi Power Consultants (Pvt) Ltd carried out a comprehensive assignment on designing a 220 kV Transmission Line from a proposed LNG Power Plant to Hambantota Grid Substation to deliver 1000 MVA. The approximate length of the line is around 8 km.

Owning to availability of optional routes, social challenges and due concern for optimizations, APCL carried out multiple Transmission Line studies. After conducting route surveys & data collection surveys, APCL Engineers designed the lines using PLS-CADD software.

Further beyond the Tx Line designs, APCL developed Load Trees and coordinated with potential suppliers for acquiring prices of monopole & lattice structures. Amalgamating all accessories and construction aspects, APCL developed Design Drawings & Engineer Estimates for Transmission Line options.