Servicing of Low Voltage Panels : SLT Head Quarters Datacenter, Colombo

Assignment : Servicing of Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel & PMM of Datacenter
Client : N-able Private Limited
Project Period : August 2022

APCL conducted a comprehensive panel service of Low Voltage Main Distribution Board (MDB), PMM & UPS Output Panel supplying the Datacenter. The assignment successfully carried out with the coordination of APCL Electrical Engineers under the supervision of in-house Chartered Engineers.

Project Highlights :

  • Thermography survey to identify thermal anomalies
  • Visual inspections
  • Vacuum cleaning of panel interior
  • Rectification of thermal anomalies
  • Inspection & servicing of Air Circuit Breakers
  • Conducting electrical tests
  • Validation of correct torque of electrical connections
  • Follow-up Thermography survey